Wedding & Portrait Album Pricing

  • 30 pages 10x10" Wedding Album $1500
  • 30 pages 10x10" Parent  Album $750
  • 20 page  10x10" Portrait Album $750
  • 20 page Guest Sign in Book $250


  • Photo Wrapped
  • Italian Leather
  • Eco Friendly
  • Japanese Silk
  • Natural Linen


  • 8x8" 
  • 10x10"
  • 12x12"

Why are albums so important?

1) They emphasize your story.

While a large canvas print might show great details like a bride’s stunning dress or an epic portrait of the couple at the location- what they don’t really show are the handmade centerpieces, the thoughtful guest favors, the signatures drinks, or the blackmail-worthy dancing photos.  All of these little bits and pieces of your story add up to tell all the precious moments of the day — and if they’re not hanging on your walls, where are they?  Without an album, they're most likely destined to live on your computer with limited access and weird screen settings.  With my beautiful documentary approach to wedding photography I'm not just creating a single "hero shot," but I am masterfully curating your story with multiple images that connect stories of people with these moments.

2) How will you enjoy your memories in the future?

We’re used to everything being shared in real-time, so naturally most people are focused on getting their favorite pictures loaded onto social media to show off to their friends. But if you think about it... where will those live in 5 years?  How about 15 years? Will you still be using Facebook?  Will your computer still read a USB?  Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks and dial-up internet, so who knows what the next quarter-century will bring? I suggest enjoying all of your most precious memories in real life with your tangible treasures that can never be outdated.  Every time I see one of my favorite pictures on the wall, it's like getting a big hug!