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Wedding Photography

  • really good wedding pics by Sherri
  • selection and color correction of approximately +/- 75 images per hour of coverage
  • online gallery to view, share, and download high-resolution JPGs
  • complimentary travel within 75 miles of my studio in Los Angeles, California 90019, starting at $3/mile beyond


  • starting at up to 6 hours .............................. $2800
  • up to 7 hours ............................................... $3400
  • up to 8 hours ............................................... $3800
  • up to 9 hours ............................................... $4400
  • up to 10 hours ............................................. $4800

Engagement Portrait Session

  • $750 for up to an hour and a half of portrait photography with Sherri
  • online gallery to view, share, and download high-resolution JPGs
  • complimentary travel within 15 miles of my studio in Los Angeles, California 90019, starting at $3/mile beyond

Second Photographer

For your special event, an additional photographer may be suggested to ensure a moment is never missed. With two or more photographers, we can work together to get creative by getting different angles or using different lenses, and splitting up to cover things happening at the same time. Please ask for availability and more details.

Photographic Styles

Photojournalism is a reality-based approach to documenting real moments. Rather than posing for pictures, I will capture events as they naturally unfold. When needed, I will blend seamlessly into the background and become “invisible” to the experience. What you end up with are more candid moments. The best photojournalists are both experienced to anticipate the shot and also work very quickly to capture the fleeting story.

Traditional Portraiture is a classic style of posed photography often used for couples and families with a focus on good posture, natural expressions, and simple backgrounds. I promise we will get all of your desired formal pictures within a reasonable amount of time.

Pretty Details is my attention to the smallest details to help tell your story. This can include things like personal jewelry, invitations, food, favors, decor, flowers, etc

Timeline of Events

Wedding coverage usually starts about 2.5 hours before the ceremony as the bride and groom are getting ready, and goes until 30 minutes after the last big event at the reception. For most of my weddings, this is a full 8-hour day. Listed below is a breakdown of what that can look like and the things I look for.

Getting Ready

  • Bride getting ready (final touches of hair and makeup)
  • Bride’s accessories (dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, garter, perfume, purse, vows, etc.)
  • Bride portraits alone
  • Bride w/ Bridesmaids
  • Groom getting ready
  • Groom’s accessories (suit, shoes, tie, socks, cufflinks, watch, vows, etc.)
  • Groom portraits alone
  • Groom w/ Groomsmen
  • Wedding + Engagement Rings (cleaned and with the bride)
  • Bridal Bouquet (suggested delivery to bridal suite)
  • Boutonnieres (designate someone to pin these on the guys)
  • Wedding invitations (two complete sets, 1 stamped and addressed to bride and groom)

First Look

Some couples choose to exchange gifts, say a prayer, or just enjoy a quiet moment together before the day unfolds. A first look will also allow the opportunity for more romantic and formal group pictures before the ceremony, freeing up more time later in the day.

Romantics & Formal Portraits

Immediate Family 1-3 minutes per small group, 2-4 minutes for each group up to 8 people, and 5+ minutes for larger groups of 8+ people. (I suggest doing formal portraits immediately following the first look or right after the ceremony).

  • B&G with wedding officiant (optional, as this will be captured during the ceremony)
  • B&G with parents of the bride
  • B&G with parents of the bride and siblings
  • B&G with parents of the groom
  • B&G with parents of the groom and siblings
  • B&G with both sets of parents together
  • B&G with both sets of parents together and siblings
  • B&G with immediate family members
  • B&G with bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • B&G with children attendants
  • Extended Family: I suggest keeping family formals to immediate family only and pictures with extended family members as you see them during reception. If you would like to include extended family in the formals, then use the same timing calculations as for immediate family.
  • The rest of the time for formal portraits may be used for Romantic portraits of the Bride & Groom together


  • Ceremony décor and details (at least 20-30 minutes before the ceremony before guests arrive)
  • Processional - Bride walking down the aisle and Groom's reaction
  • Bride and Groom together, vows, ring exchange, kiss, guest candids
  • Recessional - Couple coming back down the aisle


  • Cocktail hour (décor, food, drinks, candids)
  • Reception space (before guests enter)
  • Bride & Groom's Grand Entrance
  • First Dance(s) (Mother/ Son, Father/ Daughter, Bride/ Groom)
  • Toast(s)
  • Bouquet / Garter Toss
  • Cake / Cake Cutting
  • Entertainment
  • Couple’s departure

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