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Digital RAW Files of Wedding Images

  • Selected $300
  • All Orignal Files $1000

Raw files refers to the unedited original images created with our professional cameras. For a comparison, RAW files is like getting files straight from a memory card before any adjustments are made with color correction and edits.

More examples would be like, if you were a chef and picked up some organic veggies at the farmer's market. Or if you were a costume designer, this is the material you would be picking up at the fabric shop.

If you are like me, and would like to own the original files, I am one of the few photographers who will offer them to you.

As a professional photographer, I always set my cameras to capture images in RAW mode instead of JPG. By choosing to RAW, I am giving myself more data in the file to make adjustments later without jeopardizing the quality.

I can process the RAW files on my computer with photo programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. Normal adjustments include color, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, texture, clarity, vibrance, saturation, sharpening, noise reduction, lens corrections, and vignetting. With RAW files, all of these edits are nondestructive. If I only had a JPG and did these edits, we would have some serious problems with quality.

Some photographers choose to shoot in JPG if they like to overshoot and cut down later. As a photographer who learned to shoot on film, this is not appealing to me. I prefer to get quality images over a lot of bad ones.

After I edit the images in RAW, they are then saved as JPGs for you to enjoy. The JPG files you receive are my vision for the image.

By purchasing RAW files, you will have the original data from my camera. If you choose to, this will allow you to process your own images now and in the future.

Choose the Selected option to receive my favorite images included with your session. This will exclude the outtakes. Choose All Original Files and you will get everything I captured on your wedding day with both selected and ones you've never seen before.

macro ring shot before and after lightroom retouch


If would like to order your RAW files CONTACT me today.

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