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Album Pricing

Custom Albums and Photo Books

In the video above, you can view is a slideshow made from a full wedding album design.

Why are albums so important?

While a large canvas print might show great details like a bride’s stunning dress or an epic portrait of the couple at their chosen location, what they don’t really show are the handmade centerpieces, the thoughtful guest favors, the signatures drinks, or the blackmail-worthy dancing photos. All of these little bits and pieces of your story add up to tell all the precious moments of the day — and if they’re not hanging on your walls, where are they? Without an album, they're most likely destined to live on your computer. With my beautiful documentary fine art approach to wedding photography I'm not just creating a single "hero shot," but I am masterfully curating your story with multiple images that reflect your day and all of the work you have put into planning every little detail.

How will you enjoy your memories in the future?

We’re used to everything being shared in real-time, so naturally, most people are focused on getting their favorite pictures loaded onto social media to show off to their friends. But if you think about it... where will those memories live in 5 years? How about 15 years? Will you still be using Facebook? Will your computer still read a USB? Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks and dial-up internet, so who knows what the next 25 years will bring? Your memories should be enjoyed as tangible treasures that can never be outdated!

Cover Options

  • Photo Wrap
  • Italian Leather
  • Japanese Silk
  • Natural Linen
  • Eco Friendly

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Photographic Papers

  • Traditional Photo Luster
  • Deep Matte

10x10" Wedding Album

  • 20 pages starting at $1200
  • add on 2 additional pages $100
  • upgrade to 12x12" - starting at $250
  • upgrade to photo/leather wrap cover: $150

10x10" Parent Album

  • 20 pages starting at $750
  • add on 2 additional pages $50

10x10" Portrait Album

  • 20 pages starting at $750
  • add on 2 additional pages $50

10x10" Guest Sign-in Book

  • 20 pages starting at $250
  • add on 2 additional pages $20

Design Details

All SJP albums include professional design, digital retouching, printing, and assembly. Album designs average 3-5 images per 2 page spread with a minimum of 30 pages for a wedding album and 20 pages for a portrait album. With your album design, you have the option of two complimentary rounds of revisions. It is common for people to make a few edits including adding/removing images, adding/removing pages, and additional color adjustments including color, black/white, and sepia. Please note that with the addition of more images to your design you can expect more pages to the design.

How long until we get our album?

Once approved, your custom album will be sent to a professional lab. All albums are handmade in the United States and processing can take up to 6 weeks. Please note, albums approved by November 8th are guaranteed delivery by December 24th. Rush orders including design and delivery may be available for an additional fee.