noun bou·doir ˈbü-ˌdwär

A woman's bedroom or private room

It's not just women in lingerie...

it's being confident, sexy, sensual, flirty, and fun

SJP Boudoir Experience

Naturally, every client wants to know what to expect during a boudoir session. Here at SJP, I offer unique boudoir and beauty experiences. My approach is laid-back with no harsh lighting or cumbersome gear. Sessions are done wherever you will feel most comfortable. This could be your home, a hotel room, or a secluded spot outdoors – really anywhere with adequate lighting can be striking! Champagne and music can do wonders for ambiance, but if that isn’t your thing, don't worry! After the first few clicks and some gentle encouragement from me, you will loosen up. Some of my clients prefer to be covered up and others are daring enough to go more risqué. There is no right or wrong and I promise it will be super fun and classy AF.

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Studio Options

Here are a few of my favorite locations in downtown Los Angeles.

  1. FD Studio Art 3 is the most romantic set with large south-west facing windows, a large rose wall with pink, red, and white roses, white leather and gold accented furniture, full length gold mirror, clawfoot bathtub, and blossoming tree.

  2. Lavish Studio Stage 1: is a bright loft space with tufted white bed, chandeliers, big bright windows, hardwood floors, detailed white walls, and a simple white backdrop. Perfect for boudoir, portraits, and glamour sessions.

  3. Lavish Studio Stage 4: is an ultimate femme room with white and pink details including an ombre pink rose wall, white leather and rhinestone tufted ottomans, and a pink bed with white tulle.

Full Bridal Session $1450+ tax

Imagine the excitement as you give your fiance a secret gift of your sexy pictures before saying “I do.” Whether your gift is delivered on the morning of the wedding or on your honeymoon night, it will sure please him to seem you in a whole new light. My goal for bridal sessions is to capture the beautiful, sexy you.

Full Bridal Sessions include:

  • professional hair and makeup

  • intimate photography experience with Sherri J

  • up to 3 hours of studio time

  • your choice of a portrait 10x10" album with 20 pages or up to $500 in product credit

Glamour Session $950+ tax

Available for women of all ages, shapes and sizes who would like to embrace their beauty and celebrate the sensual side of themselves. If you have achieved a weight-loss goal. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary. If you got promoted or if you got fired. If you reached a birthday milestone. If you want to celebrate Valentine's, Christmas, Hanukkah, or First Friday of the month. Or maybe just because you feel like having a memorable experience! My focus for glamour sessions is to capture your amazingness, both inside and out.

Glamour sessions include:

  • professional hair and makeup

  • intimate photography experience with Sherri J

  • up to 3 hours of studio time

  • 4x6" prints of all images or up to $350 in product credit

Ladies’ Night! $350+ tax per person

Ladies night is the perfect idea for bachelorette parties and birthday parties. Get dolled up, have some drinks, and after your photo session, go for a night out on the town!

Ladies' night includes:

  • professional hair and makeup

  • fun photography experience with Sherri J, up to 20 minutes per person, plus group shots

  • location of your choice, complimentary travel within 20 miles of 90019, $3/mile beyond

  • your choice of two 5x7" prints framed, additional products available a la carte

  • available for groups of a minimum of 3 and up to 8 ladies

SJP Tips: How to Prepare

Don’t spend a lot of time fretting about freckles or that pesky five pounds none of us can ever seem to shake. Focus on your favorite qualities and play to your strengths. You can trust that I will be able to direct the most flattering angles for your body type.

Beauty- pamper yourself with a spa day to prep your skin. Consider a facial, body scrub, waxing, and manicure. I recommend choosing a neutral color for your nails, like nude or blush, to match all of your outfits.

Styling- Try not to wander too far outside your comfort zone. If you love being dressed up in sparkles and heels, then full-on dramatic make-up will look great on you. If you’re more bohemian or sporty, keep it more natural and soft.

What to Wear?

Lingerie looks best when it’s form-fitting like push-up bras, snug tank tops, and camisoles.

Vintage lace. Silk robe. Negligées, corsets, stockings. Anything sheer, flowy, or floral.

For sports-fans, try something that’s his like a button-down collared shirt, necktie, a comfy old tee shirt, or a favorite team jersey.

A few of my favorite shops for intimates:


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