Coquelicot Winery: Los Olivos Wedding and Event Venue

Developed in 1999, the Coquelicot Estate Vineyard lies just south of the historic Mission Santa Ines in the Santa Ynez Valley on California’s Central Coast.  This week, they opened their (90+ year old) barn doors and hosted a launch party with lots of fun event professionals from catering, event design, and florals, to rentals, music, entertainment, transportation, and desserts.  My favorite part of the evening was drinking some delicious wine, tasting all the food, and going on a hayride through the vineyard!  If you were at the event, I probably have a great picture of you…  feel free to check out more images HERE.  I’m looking forward to returning in a couple of weeks for Beth and Joe’s wedding day!  🙂

 photo Coquliquot_web001_zpscca17272.jpg photo Coquliquot_web002_zps0d45e414.jpg photo Coquliquot_web003_zps925ad203.jpg photo Coquliquot_web004_zps757f1e59.jpg photo Coquliquot_web006_zpsa12de139.jpg photo Coquliquot_web007_zps03e0b90e.jpg photo Coquliquot_web008_zpsbe67acd7.jpg photo Coquliquot_web009_zpscbe40abd.jpg photo Coquliquot_web010_zps5d184a13.jpg photo Coquliquot_web011_zps18ca05ac.jpg photo Coquliquot_web012_zps8f7d13bc.jpg photo Coquliquot_web013_zpsa83ded05.jpg photo Coquliquot_web014_zps325f27b0.jpg photo Coquliquot_web015_zps3db93fca.jpg photo Coquliquot_web016_zps8b2232dc.jpg photo Coquliquot_web017_zpsf8e32b28.jpg photo Coquliquot_web018_zpsce40ae7d.jpg photo Coquliquot_web019_zps731ba584.jpg photo Coquliquot_web020_zpse03838a8.jpg photo Coquliquot_web021_zps2ead1f27.jpg photo Coquliquot_web022_zpsaeadd70c.jpg photo Coquliquot_web023_zps3c772568.jpg photo Coquliquot_web024_zps654f2914.jpg


Coquelicot Estate Vineyard
The Awesome Booth
Decadence Fine Cakes & Confections
DJ’s Catering
Small Wonders
Fire & Wine
New West Catering
Doyle Borden
Sherri J Photography
Elite Events Party Rentals
AMS Entertainment
Island View Catering
Elegant Details
Solvang Trolley
SRC Event Group
Pure Joy Catering
Classic Party Rentals

 photo Coquliquot_web025_zps8e8b0e62.jpg

Lovesome Chocolate Event

The best thing about my job is that I always get to meet new people.  A couple weeks ago, I attended a charity event for Wish Upon a Wedding and met Nicole who is owner and creator of lovesome  (distinctively designed sweets, including chocolates and tea cookies).  Lucky for me, she was in need of some great product pictures of her tasty treats.  Earlier today, I visited her home as she hosted a tasting event.  I was really impressed with the assortment of 20+ chocolates from Sea Salt Blueberry, Crushed Red Pepper and Cherry, and Spicy Pecan and Fig, to Rocky Road, French Lavender Sugar, and Toasted Almond Toffee.   Nicole set up 4 different tablescapes to compliment her chocolates with decore, champagne and wines.  If you’re looking for some great gift ideas or custom wedding favors, you need to check out lovesome!

 photo lovesome001_zps1112d3d5.jpg

 photo lovesome003_zps0ec92126.jpg

 photo lovesome004_zps57002531.jpg

 photo lovesome005_zps9b731918.jpg

 photo lovesome006_zps149f9cdc.jpg

 photo lovesome007_zpsbcadb577.jpg

 photo lovesome008_zpsf463fba6.jpg

 photo lovesome009_zps4e2e1087.jpg

 photo lovesome010_zps30958a42.jpg

 photo lovesome011_zps49c630f5.jpg

 photo SJP_8182_zpse647e7ab.jpg

 photo lovesome012_zps283b2b73.jpg