Bridal + Fashion Shootout with Gavin Wade Photographers WPPI

This was my 2nd year attending WPPI in Vegas, aka the week-long spring break for wedding and portrait photographers… but instead of partying (the whole time) most of us were in lectures and seminars for most of the day from the crack of dawn into the evening.  For me, it was all about business, networking, gathering inspiration, and finding great vendors for my 2011 clients.  Looking back at the experience, I’m so glad I went and can’t believe I even debated going!  Summary: I won an awesome high quality Barbour Backdrop while in an 8am seminar with Blair Phillips Photography, purchased some new Radio Poppers to get control of my off camera flashes, and did a pretty cool bridal/fashion desert photoshoot with Gavin and Erin Wade!  Pictures attached below.

las vegas wedding photographer

desert wedding photoshoot

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

destination Wedding Photographer

las vegas fashion shoot desert

Styled by Erin and Gavin of  Gavin Wade Photographers
Models: Brittanie and Tomas Cruz (Bride and Groom) Kate Colosi (High Fashion)
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey of Linsey Shea Photography

Anita Coats’ Show: Trip Santa Monica

Anita Coats performed at a intimate bar called Trip last night in Santa Monica.  There was a crowd of about 50 people gathered around the stage sitting on couches or at high top tables on bar stools and listened quietly as Anita sang her heart out.

IMG_6309xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

I didn’t want to blast her too much with my bright flash, so these two below were taken in a very very low light situation and edited later for the vintage look.  Jeremy is playing sax and Billy on drums.

IMG_6299xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

Today is also day 2 of my 365 challenge.  (I have agreed to take a picture of myself/my life everyday for the next year and post it online.)  I really liked the lighting outside of the bar, so this is my shot from today.  I probably won’t post every picture of myself on the blog everyday, but if you’re curious on the progress I’ll try my best to post them HERE.  Feel free to post a comment or critique on your favorite photos, it will be very encouraging for me to know someone else sees them.  =)

IMG_6369x.jpg picture by twinkle63718

After peeking at the picture above, I noticed the spotlights in front of the building.   I asked Anita if she would volunteer as my model.  She was kind enough to allow me to oblige.  I love how her eyes pop in these two pictures, wow.

IMG_6383xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

Alex’s Bar Mitzvah: The House of Blues

What: Alex’s Bar Mitzvah
Where: The House of Blues, Sunset Blvd Hollywood.
Photography: Paul Esposito/Tasty Pie Photography + Sherri Johnson Photography
Entertainment: Groovy David Entertainment

It’s not everyday I get to photograph a Bar Mitzvah, and even fewer times a Bar Mitzvah at the House of Blues! Alex celebrated his special day with close friends and family.
The decoration was absolutely beautiful and fit for a teenage boy.  The place cards had guitar picks, a very cute idea!
Welcome to “Club Alex”
Tracey (Alex’s mom) with some friends during cocktail hour at the upstairs bar.
The videographers interviewed the kids from a cat’s perspective.   It made the kids curious and giggle.  There was also a photobooth set up for the kids to take home some pictures instantly!
After cocktail hour, the balcony opened up to reveal the dance floor and main party area.   You can kinda see the layout of the party in this picture, with the party photobooth area at the top left, main floor in the center, a bit of the stage on the bottom right corner, and surrounding all of that was seating for guests to enjoy the amazing dinner.  Some cool things they had for the kids was a smoothie bar, and donut station!
Groovy David Entertainment kept the energy up and the party going on the dancefloor!   On the right, 2 dancers strike an athletic pose.  Wow, they are fit!
During the hora, Alex does a quick pose for the camera.
The kids played lots of games.  The one pictured below shows the kids in teams formed into 2 lines.  Each team has to pass a ball over their heads to the person behind them, and the last person in the line runs the ball back to the front.  Everyone does this until they return to the original line position.  The first team to do that, wins!
And the last shot of the night, Alex with all his friends.   His party was so fun and I’m sure it will be a night to remember for the rest of his life.  Mazel tov Alex!