Jen + Rylan: Malibu Sunset Engagement

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Malibu Engagement Photographer

I was super excited when I learned more about these two and how much we had in common. For starters, Rylan loves themes of 3. For the engagement proposal he planned 3 elaborate dates around the idea of Land, Sea, and Air.  For their honeymoon, they are planning a 3 week long adventure to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand! (Mat and I have considered the Australia/New Zealand trip for our own honeymoon, but adding Fiji sounds amazing! I’m defiantly taking notes.)

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

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We continued to shoot until the sun started to set.  I’m so glad Jen and Rylan brought the love and gave some amazing smiles.  It really makes my job look easy.  =)

sunset engagement

sunset engagement malibu

I think this last image is my total fave of the evening.  Just… wow.

sunset engagement malibu

Thank you Jen and Rylan for hanging out.  I’m so looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Karina + Kevin: Malibu Engagement Photography

I met Kevin and Karina a couple of months ago as they started planning a beautiful May 2011 wedding.  Kevin has a passion for football, coaching at a local high school, and Karina works with children, currently drives a truck, and her family owns some horses in the valley.  (I’m already dreaming about the chance to photograph her on one!)   They chose to capture their engagement Sunday afternoon in the beautiful hills of Malibu, near the Malibu Lake Mountain Club (venue).

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Malibu Engagement Photographer

During our first meeting, Karina shared with me her love of Oak Trees.  Luckily, there were lots of beautiful trees at our photo spot for some great pictures including this awesome ring shot below.

Malibu Lake Mountain Club

Someone asked me the other day if I had a “signature shot” that I always do.  I wasn’t really sure how to respond since I feel everyone is different, and I really hate being predictable… but on the other hand I do realize I have an arsenal of classic shots.   Even if I’ve done the shot before, it might be something new to a couple.  So, why not ?  Below, you’ve might of seen this a few times on the blog here… but I still love it and I’ll do it many times again…. if my couples are willing to get a little dirty!  😉

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I love this framed chalkboard Karina made!  It’s a great personal touch.

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Brandon + Shana: Malibu Engagement Photography

Brandon and Shana are a gorgeous couple with great smiles and big hearts.  They met in college and soon fell in love.  They’re planning a beautiful September 2011 wedding at a Gainey Vineyard in Santa Barbara.  Tonight, we spend the evening in beautiful Malibu getting these amazing pictures!

santa barbara wedding photography

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We switched out a Decemberist poster (a band they saw together in 2007) from the frame for the following shots… I must credit the picture frame idea to Brandon!  I love it!

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Watch out now… there’s a new sheriff in town!

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