Danielle: Headshot

Danielle is a super talented Makeup Artist / Esthetician/ Hair Stylist working at Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon specializing in amazing eyebrows.  We did a couple of different looks; the first was a more natural outdoor shot and the second was more dramatic studio lighting.  I think she looks so beautiful in both!  Do you have a favorite?

huntington beach headshot photographer

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Aurora & James’ Maternity Session

You might recognize the faces of Aurora and James from when they got married in San Juan Capistrano back in September of last year.  Their wedding was amazing, and even at that time many friends and family talked about how beautiful their children will be.  A few months ago I got news from Aurora she was expecting their first baby!  We decided to wait until she was about 7.5 months pregnant to have some beautiful portraits taken of the two of them and their newest addition.  Aurora wanted to shoot somewhere with a beautiful landscape and grassy fields.  Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano could not be more perfect.  Congratulations to  you both Aurora and James!!  I can’t wait to meet your baby girl!
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Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Mao Maternity

Mao wanted to celebrate the pregnancy of her first child with some beautiful portraits at her favorite beach.  We met up right before sunset, and the lighting was beautiful with a soft, overcast glow that got brighter as the sun set.  Mao is about 8.5 weeks pregnant and looks amazing!  I love being able to capture such a special time in her family’s life.  =)

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Long Lost Buddies Reunited! Lamees

Today, I was reunited with one of my oldest friends of all time, Lamees.  We were coworkers at the first portrait studio I ever worked at when I was 17 years old.  She’s absolutely one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever known…  super smart, always positive, and always up for an adventure.  You can imagine my excitement when I found out 2 weeks ago she’s now living in my old hood in Santa Monica!  We spent the better part of the morning reconnecting, as we rode horseback through the Malibu mountains, followed by a quick photo session, and trip to the pumpkin patch.  Here’s a little peek at our day!





After horseback riding, we took some pictures of Lamees at one of my favorite photo locations, Paramount Ranch.  One of the coolest parts of this spot is the variety of textures and colors with scenes out of old western movie sets.


I love that the Hotel Mud Bug had hay-bales on their decks.  What a perfect location for October pictures.  It might be a good time to mention for the quality guys out there, this lady is looking for her Mr. Right.  Contact me for her info if you are tall, dark, and handsome!  😉


Afterwards we went over to the pumpkin patch.  It turns out, I ended up buying the first pumpkin Lamees sat on!  (Totally didn’t realize it until I got around to editing the pictures.)  I really love the bright red/ orange vibrance.