Tiffany & Christopher: Maternity session at the Beach

Today, I would like to share some beautiful pictures of Tiffany and her husband Christopher.  I met originally met Tiffany back in 2011, when she was a wedding guest at Angela and Eugene’s handmade wedding at Rancho Del Cielo in Malibu.  She was married in 2011 and coordinated a wedding for Michael and Adrian, late summer of 2012 at the Andaz West Hollywood with panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills.  Recently, I met with Christopher’s little sister Cathy who is getting married this fall in Santa Barbara (story coming soon!).  Whew!!  That was a long train of connections, but I love seeing how our history grows over the years.  =)  Tiffany and Christoper are expecting a baby boy this August.

Here’s some amazing pictures of them at my secret beach in Laguna.  What beautiful parents!

 photo SJP_0801_zpsd5cb29df.jpg

 photo SJP_0783_zpsf55f651e.jpg

 photo SJP_0823_zps037e2956.jpg

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Aurora & James’ Maternity Session

You might recognize the faces of Aurora and James from when they got married in San Juan Capistrano back in September of last year.  Their wedding was amazing, and even at that time many friends and family talked about how beautiful their children will be.  A few months ago I got news from Aurora she was expecting their first baby!  We decided to wait until she was about 7.5 months pregnant to have some beautiful portraits taken of the two of them and their newest addition.  Aurora wanted to shoot somewhere with a beautiful landscape and grassy fields.  Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano could not be more perfect.  Congratulations to  you both Aurora and James!!  I can’t wait to meet your baby girl!
 photo SJP_0802_zps6684a266.jpg

 photo IMG_1370_zps15b374e5.jpg

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 photo SJP_0679_zps985535b9.jpg

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano portrait photography

Mao Maternity

Mao wanted to celebrate the pregnancy of her first child with some beautiful portraits at her favorite beach.  We met up right before sunset, and the lighting was beautiful with a soft, overcast glow that got brighter as the sun set.  Mao is about 8.5 weeks pregnant and looks amazing!  I love being able to capture such a special time in her family’s life.  =)

 photo SJP_5860copyx_zpsa62a9be0.jpg

 photo SJP_5929copy_zpse89c3042.jpg

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