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Portrait Retouching

Basic Retouching Workflow

After your session I spend some time editing your images. Adjustments are made in Lightroom to exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation, temperature, lens corrections, leveling, straightening, cropping, and vignetting. After these first round of edits your images will be cohesive and look good.

Below is a sample shows a detailed shot of a bride and groom's wedding ring(s) taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens. The bride's diamond engagement ring sparkles on the back of her wedding shoes with blue rhinestone heel, the perfect "something blue." Left is straight out of camera and right is basic edits.

macro ring shot before and after lightroom retouch

basic edit Malibu Canyon

Advanced Retouching

Advanced Retouching includes more precise edits like skin smoothing, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, braces removal, body contouring, sky replacements, grass replacement, removal cars, repairing cracks in the sidewalk, removing power lines, gum on the sidewalk, exit signs, bugs and other distracting things.

Complimentary with all product orders or available a la carte.

  • 1 photo $40
  • 5 photos $175
  • 10 photos $300

picture perfect wedding cake

flower girl edits

beauty retouch old hollywood boudoir

beauty retouch porcelain doll

Steve Ali Beach Wedding Sunset


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