Top 10 Wedding FAQ

Top 10 Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your style?

My approach to wedding photography includes a unique blend of documentary storytelling, traditional portraiture, and lots of pretty details. Listed below is a little more details of what that means.

  • Photojournalism is a reality-based approach to document real moments. Rather than posing for pictures, I will document the day with a focus on your experience as you mingle with guests throughout the day. I will capturing the events as they naturally unfold telling the unique and beautiful story of your love. I will intimately capture moments during your vows and celebrations afterwards. I say, the best photojournalists are both technical to anticipate the best shot and while also working very quickly to capture a fleeting story.
  • Traditional Portraiture A classic style of posed photography often used for formal portraits including bridal, romantic bride and groom, engagement, etc. Attention with posture, real expressions, and simple backgrounds. I take charge, keep it fun, and quickly photograph all of your desired shots so you and can go and enjoy the party!
  • Pretty Details Amazing attention to all of the details, with stylized accents, with the most love and care. These are the kinds of images you are seeing in bridal magazines, on wedding blogs, and all over Pinterest. wedding rings, invitations, food, favors, centerpieces, personal items, decor, gowns, pants, bouquets, and boutonnieres.

2) How many photographers will we need?

For your once in a lifetime event, additional photographer(s) may be suggested for insurance and to ensure a moment is never missed. Two photographers can work together to get more creative or split up to cover special moments happening at the same time like when the couple is getting ready, capturing alternate angles of the ceremony, and candid moments at the reception. For a guest count over 175 people, 3 or more photographers may be suggested. For an 8 hour wedding you can expect about 800 final images.

3) How long should we have coverage for?

Wedding coverage usually starts 2.5 hours before the ceremony as the bride and groom are getting ready and goes until 30 minutes after the last big event at the reception. It is not necessary for me to be there until the very end unless you have something special planned for your grand exit. For most of my weddings this is a full 8 hour day.

4) How much do you charge?

Whether you’re having an intimate gathering of just 20 guests or a grand affair somewhere exotic with multiple days of celebrations, I can offer flexible pricing to fit your budget and needs. Wedding rates starting at $1500 for an elopement package and can range upwards of $6000-$8000 for multi-day coverage, a custom wedding album, and engagement session. Contact me today for more details.

5) Will you travel to my location?

One of the best parts of my job is traveling to wherever your love takes us. Beyond 75 miles or about 2 hours from Los Angeles, additional travel fees may include an allowance for food, hotel (2), airfare, etc. If your location is not listed below please contact me for an estimate.

Some of my favorite destinations include:

  • Santa Barbara, California $250
  • Palm Springs, California $250
  • San Diego, California $300
  • Orange County, California $150
  • San Francisco, California $750
  • Hawaiian Islands $750
  • Paris, France $1500
  • French Polynesia $3000

6) What kind of equipment do you use?

I have invested a small fortune to have the best money can buy for your big day.

Some of my favorites are my Canon 5DM4 camera for the excellent ability to shoot in low light conditions. 2 favorite lenses are my Canon 50mm 1.2L for pretty bokeh and details and the Canon 70-200mm IS 2.8L for capturing moments from a distance and zooming in for unobtrusive coverage. Additional fun lenses include a 100mm macro for fine details, and last but not least my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L for a flexible range to close zoom. I also have a backup camera and flashes.

7) Do you edit all of the images or just some?

There are two different kinds of edits I provide, Basic Edit and Advanced Retouching.

  1. Basic Edits are first applied to all of your images. First, I download and backup ALL of the RAW files. I do my first pass in Lightroom making selections keeping the good shots and removing the outtakes like test shots, blinking, and blurry stuff. I then apply an overall edits to all the keepers with adjustments to color, exposure, saturation, clarity, and some black and white or sepia conversions. After the first round of edits all of your images will be consistent and cohesive.
  2. The second kind of edit is Advanced Photo Retouching to include my signature style of retouching to be a work of art. This includes things like beauty edits with skin smoothing, teeth whitening, hair taming, body contouring, removal of distracting stuff, head swapping (common in large group shots), sunset sky replacements, and additional Photoshop magic. All advanced edits are complimentary with all product orders including albums, fine art canvas, and large prints or a la carte.

8) Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are up to date with our business license and insurance. A certificate of liability can be provided upon your request.

9) Do you do videography?

Unfortunately, I do not offer videography services at this time. I find it's hard to be a master of two things and do them both really well. For my contracted clients I can provide you a short list of videographers I love.

10) What's Next?

Photography Commissions are accepted up to 18 months in advance. You are invited to visit me at my Los Angeles studio. We will discuss your preferred style of photography, timeline suggestions, and final product ideas. A signed contract plus booking fee is required to reserve your date. Full balance due 30 days before your event.