Ben + Amber: Backyard Wedding

Finally, one of my most anticipated weddings of this year has happened; Ben and Amber’s backyard wedding was absolutely amazing.  I first met Ben and Amber a couple months back and we talked for hours at a coffee shop.   Ben and Amber ooze creativity down to their core.  As they started describing their wedding day to me, I fell in love.  Ben explained that there would not be a lack of things to photograph… and that turned out to be very true.  Friends and family can access all of the images from the engagement, bridal, and wedding shoots online HERE.

backyard wedding

Above: Signs leading to Ben’s Aunt’s house in Encino, a coloring book for the kids, and custom buttons.

macro engagement ring vintage

Ben’s family in Iowa are jewelers.  When Amber showed me her ring for the first time, my jaw dropped.  Seriously, the most ah-mazing ring I have EVER seen!!  (Mat, I hope you’re reading this and taking notes.)  The details on the side and round cut diamond in the center…  The best way I can explain is to just show you lots of great pictures taken with my new 100mm macro lens.  Love.

Sherri Johnson Wedding Photography

Amber’s dress was beautiful.  She had it custom made with lace.  It came to about half way down her calf.

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

Candy, candy, everywhere candy!   There were cupcakes, taffy, rock candy, redhots, jellys, lollipops, and really the list goes on.  They also got a couple of really cool pinatas, a donkey one for the kids and jumbo cupcake for the adults filled with toys and candy.

Los Angles Wedding Photography

Catering from Loteria Grill was so delicious.

san diego wedding photographer

Amber’s mom did her hair in a updo for the wedding.  Ben’s mom officiated.  These two shots are so poetic.

Los Angles portrait photographer

Amber getting ready.

Pet Photography Los Angeles

Burger and Bacon were the “best men” and brought the rings on their collar.

Sherri Johnson Photography rocks!

Beautiful moments.

bw wedding photography

Ben’s brother signing the marriage license as a witness.

chicago Wedding Photographer

Ben took lots of Polaroid pictures all night long… mostly of Amber.  =)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

san francisco wedding photographer

hawaii wedding photographer

They did am amazing job decorating the back yard with banners and balloons.

hawaii wedding photographer

I know we weren’t supposed to focus too much on Bride and Groom pictures, but I just had to take a couple at sunset!  I’m obsessed with the evening light.

ben high amber

The first dance.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

And finally, fun times at the Photobooth!  Instead of spending BIG BUCK$ on a photo booth rental Ben and his good friend Matt have spent the past couple months building this machine from SCRATCH! They filled a table with some hand made props including masks, beards, classes, hats, word bubbles, and candy.  The booth took 4 pictures and in less than 30 seconds, out pops the pictures.  Ben was able to customize the text along side of the images with their names and logo.  Guest could then keep one side of the strip as a souvenir and the other half went into the guest book.  For more info on reserving this fun booth for your next party, contact Ben HERE.

Los Angles Photobooth rental

*This wedding is currently featured HERE on Intimate Weddings.

Kaye + Scott: Malibu Engagement Photography

Kaye and Scott met a few years ago during the production of a music video and recently took their friendship to another level.  Kaye loves fashion, Scott is a self proclaimed geek lover, and together they make quite a picture perfect pair!  We spent some time Monday afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and took some fun pictures.

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

Love the back lighting on this first ones.  Kaye handmade this awesome purple feather headband for the photoshoot and did her own makeup.  Definitely a woman of many talents.

scott ross

anthropologie engagement shoot

Scott matched from head to toe.  I love the purple socks!

Santa Monica Portrait Photography

chicago Wedding Photographer

I love how in love these two are…  makes my job look easy.  =P

IMG_3988.jpg picture by twinkle63718

Sherri Johnson Photography rocks!

nautral light photography


engagement photography

country wedding photography

Anita Coats’ Show: Trip Santa Monica

Anita Coats performed at a intimate bar called Trip last night in Santa Monica.  There was a crowd of about 50 people gathered around the stage sitting on couches or at high top tables on bar stools and listened quietly as Anita sang her heart out.

IMG_6309xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

I didn’t want to blast her too much with my bright flash, so these two below were taken in a very very low light situation and edited later for the vintage look.  Jeremy is playing sax and Billy on drums.

IMG_6299xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

Today is also day 2 of my 365 challenge.  (I have agreed to take a picture of myself/my life everyday for the next year and post it online.)  I really liked the lighting outside of the bar, so this is my shot from today.  I probably won’t post every picture of myself on the blog everyday, but if you’re curious on the progress I’ll try my best to post them HERE.  Feel free to post a comment or critique on your favorite photos, it will be very encouraging for me to know someone else sees them.  =)

IMG_6369x.jpg picture by twinkle63718

After peeking at the picture above, I noticed the spotlights in front of the building.   I asked Anita if she would volunteer as my model.  She was kind enough to allow me to oblige.  I love how her eyes pop in these two pictures, wow.

IMG_6383xx.jpg picture by twinkle63718

Sunny + Jeremy: Castle Green Pasadena Wedding Photography

Sunny works a dream job at Disney and Jeremy loves playing video games.  These two met years ago during college and like to call themselves dedicated Foodies.  This past weekend included a huge celebration of their marriage with a day-long traditional Cambodian-Philippino on Saturday, followed by an All-American ceremony on Sunday.

Castle Green wedding photography

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

SherriJ Wedding Photography

Sunny + Jeremy Pasadena

Castle Green wedding photography

Castle Green wedding photography

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

Castle Green wedding photography

Castle Green Pasadena, CA

Castle Green Pasadena, CA

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

Castle Green wedding photography

Sherri Johnson Photography


Castle Green wedding photography

Castle Green wedding photography

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

bw wedding photography

Castle Green wedding photography

Castle Green wedding photography

Los Angles Wedding Photographer

Lastly, a couple of shots behind the scenes of me and Sabrina having fun and working hard.  =)


Location: Castle Green and Westin Hotel. Pasadena, CA
Photography: Sherri Johnson, additional shooters Sabrina Hill and Magalie Narang
Videographer: Kappes Media
Music: Ashley Greenland (harpist), Dan Parcon (DJ), Rynxes Melgar (pianist)
Hair/Makeup: Kelly Zhang Makeup & Hair Team
Catering: Simply Elegant Catering
Flowers: Flowers by Leah
Cake: Cake Sensations

August Inspirations

I’ve been inspired by a lot of things in my life lately. I wanted to share some things that I enjoy, in hopes that it will spark an interest for you as well.

Inspiration Sherri Johnson

1. Photographer: Jose Villa.  Amazing film photographer.

2. Music: Florence and the Machine album Lung.

3. Decoration: New furniture set from Urban Home and Anthropologie rug in a floral pattern has transformed my living room to a very creative and serene place.  I can’t wait to have clients/friends over to enjoy it.  =)

4. Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro lens: A magnificent piece of equipment.  I’ve decided to rent it for the weekend to try out some detail shots.

5. Succulents in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

6. All things yellow and gray