Best of Chicagoland: 2010

I kinda miss being home for the holidays… so I’ve put together a list of my favorite spots from dining, entertainment, and culture.  Next time I’m in town, I hope to stop by some of these places!  They bring back such great memories.


1) Gorilla Tango Theater, small theater with intimate shows.  Love!
2)  Nickle City in Northbrook. 5 cent arcade games!
3)  Woodfield Mall, also known as the largest mall in America.  Yes, it’s actually larger than the “Mall of America” if you’re counting number of stores.  I used to work at a photo studio there.  Parking was nuts around the holidays!
4)  YMCA’s Leaning Tower of Niles.  Half size replica of the real thing, built in 1934.
5)  Best Korean Bar food…  Seriously, if I had one last meal on this earth, I would wish for a hot bowl of YeoWooSai’s Kimchee Bokum Bap (Kimchee fried rice.)  It comes sizzling in a stone pot with a fried egg on top.
6)  The Bean, downtown Chicago.  Popular photo op spot any time of day.  Night is cool because you can get the skyline reflected into the bean.
7)  Green Mill Jazz Club.  Awesome place with live Jazz music.  The bar has trap doors under the table tops, where they passed alcohol back in the prohibition days.  Very limited seating, and the house gets packed.  Arrive early.
8)  Chicago Theater, downtown.  Another great photo spot, and theater performance.
9) Buffalo Joes, Evanston.  Best wings!  If you’re daring, try the “Suicide Wings” with a side of waffle fries and cheese.
10) World’s First Franchised McDonalds, Des Plaines.  My mom and I used to drive by this spot every Sunday on the way to church, and get one large fry to share.
11) Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse, on Resturant Row in Wheeling.  Best Mai Tai’s, freshest seafood flown in the the commuter airport, which happens to be right next to my parent’s house! Great bar menu, they have steak for $5 and a half dozen oysters for $3!  Little known fact, this is the largest restaurant in Illinois, staff wise.  You can also buy the ridiculously looking purple jacket form the gift shop.

August Inspirations

I’ve been inspired by a lot of things in my life lately. I wanted to share some things that I enjoy, in hopes that it will spark an interest for you as well.

Inspiration Sherri Johnson

1. Photographer: Jose Villa.  Amazing film photographer.

2. Music: Florence and the Machine album Lung.

3. Decoration: New furniture set from Urban Home and Anthropologie rug in a floral pattern has transformed my living room to a very creative and serene place.  I can’t wait to have clients/friends over to enjoy it.  =)

4. Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro lens: A magnificent piece of equipment.  I’ve decided to rent it for the weekend to try out some detail shots.

5. Succulents in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

6. All things yellow and gray